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Giselle, Ethan, Anahi, and Ximena are sweet siblings who wish to be adopted together into a forever family. Giselle is the oldest sibling, and she will wow you with her creativity. Giselle loves all things art, and she has a natural talent for drawing! Her favorite things to draw are people and her favorite animal, foxes. When Giselle is not drawing, she attends gymnastics classes and practices playing the flute. When asked what she is most proud of, Giselle says she is proud of how nice she is. Giselle will thrive in a family that advocates to make sure her educational needs are being met. Ethan is known for being kind and caring, and he feels best when those around him are having a good time! Ethan is a natural athlete who plays sports all year long. He enjoys football, basketball, soccer, and baseball, but he says soccer is his favorite. He will impress you with his speed on the soccer pitch! Ethan likes building with toys like Legos and Lincoln Logs. When he can, he also loves to play games on his tablet! Ethan takes pride in how he works hard to get good grades in school. You will always find sweet Anahi smiling when she is with those that she loves. Like her big sister Giselle, Anahi loves to create. Anahi likes to paint and she will gladly share her creations with you! When she isn’t painting or doing crafts, Anahi enjoys playing with her toys and braiding hair. Ximena, the youngest of the family, is a sweet and happy toddler likes to play with her toys. Ximena attends daycare where she is currently learning Spanish, French, and American Sign Language! These kids are looking for a family that can love and support them. They participate in a lot of extracurricular activities and they will keep your family busy! It will be vital for an adoptive resource to recognize the importance of maintaining existing connections for the children, as well as the importance of cultural connections. Only families in Kansas are being considered at this time.

Meet Ximena's Siblings: Anahi , Ethan , and Giselle Ethan ,

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